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RSS Sanjay

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It was considered in the beginning that the children could be the best messengers for hygiene practices and through them the messages could reach to the community effectively, and the the messages will be accepted by the community, therefore it was obvious to give priority for WASH facilities in the schools.Hence schools were provided with the infrastructure but without any monitoring mechanism in place to check whether the toilets are in use or whether there are any efforts made to educate and change the behavior of the children, which was very easy to do.It is has been also felt that the involvement of teachers which was taken as granted is very limited . Instead of going for behavior change of teachers and children, many toilets have been built which are serving not more than monuments.In schools toilets are hardly functional.Not a single school I have found where one can satisfy that the hand washing before MDM is taking place and more over there is less possibility of availability of safe drinking water, in many schools children bring there own water bottle.The whole idea of propagating in to the community through the school children has been failed.

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