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RSS Jtoub

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1 point

There is probably a lack of evidence surrounding the impact of WASH in Schools interventions on health and learning outcomes. But wouldn't it be a waste of resource to carry out more impact evaluations (which are very difficult to scientifically design and implement at significant scale, and which results are not easy to interprete), when funds are rare and actions are urgently needed?

Indeed, I would be happy to see that decision-makers in government and development organisations prioritize investments based upon potential health and educational impacts. But for now I am not 100% sure that this assumption is true.

By the way, the WASH in school initiative in Mali (mostly funded by Dubai Cares and implemented by UNICEF-Mali, Care-Mali, Oxfam UK, WaterAid-Mali and Save the Children USA in more than 800 schools) has a very strong monitoring, evaluation and learning component. Evaluation results will be made available by end of 2013 (for whose who need evidence to make informed decisions and take action!).

1 point

In my opinion, some WASH in schools topics are well documented (situation assessment, basic component of a WASH in school project, advocacy material, etc.) but some are not (tools for monitoring and evaluating interventions, IEC images and tools specifically adapted to school context, operational strategies that are most effective with regards to IEC activities a school level, etc.). It would be useful to carry out a brief review of what exist on the web and what is missing.

They are many websites on WASH in schools. Too many. Information is fragmented, whereas it should be centralized and easy to access.

Information and websites are also mostly in English. They are therefore not easily accessible to non-native speakers.

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