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RSS Fatuma

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1 point

Information on the status of WASH in school is critical for government officials as well as support agencies (UN Agencies, NGO & INGO) and without adequate monitoring information system it is impossible to reach the goal of adequate wash in schools achievements.

Unfortunately, the overall monitoring systems for WASH in Schools are generally very weak. Although WASH in school monitoring package has been developed as a tool to promote and guide WASH in school monitoring initiatives nevertheless this package is not used probably by most of WASH in school working groups in most developing countries.

1 point

Adequate provision of WASH in schools had a number of positive effects already as proved in schools and contributed to reduced burden of disease among school children, staff and their families. Such intervention also provided opportunities for greater gender equity in access to education, and created educational opportunities to promote safe environments at home as well as in communities and this can be the most evidence for a successful project in wash in schools, therefore, I don’t think that we need more evidence for WASH in schools more than increment of school children enrollment and reduction of water born diseases.

1 point

I agree with Maria on the comment. We cant say that we are not sharing enough of our WASH in schools information while as stated above there are several and various websites which we share the information through them. Those sites which are value and through them you can catch worth information related to the WASH in school.

2 points

I agree that most of schools didn’t have still proper sanitary facilities while some are in bad shape, however, improving sanitation alone would not improve hygiene if hygiene behaviors are not also improved.

In the other hand, as past experience shows success in some schools specially in schools with effective community participation components which show greater sustainability tendency. In addition to the above, some schools show a great success in created a hygienic school environment through increased access to sustainable water and sanitation facilities as well as awareness raised on crucial hygiene messages among pupils. Therefore, we cant say we failed on WASH in school rather say we are still working hard and doing our best by using the best methodologies to make a success or even a change in this aspect.

We need to remember always that A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, accordingly, let us work hard to make that change happen one day.

1 point

Yes I agree with pjbury, our priorities can not be only for WASH at schools rather than working hard in Hygiene awareness raising, education and introduction of new appropriate technologies and best practices pave way for school children positive behavior changes.

One of the essential element of the community sanitation and hygiene awareness promotion for good hygiene practices either for school children or for community in general can be the IEC (Information Education Communication) materials.

The IEC materials are part of sanitation package that will improve school children hygiene promotion, however it is need to expand those IEC materials to be at all levels in each corner of the society, every where and every time, those IEC materials need to expand to reach all levels of the society and in every where.

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Biographical Information
Name: Fatuma Hersi
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: Somalia
Religion: Muslim
Education: Post Grad

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