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RSS Abass

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A lot of the work we do in WASH in school require empirical evidence to influence sector stakeholders particularly policy makers. They require concerete evidence, case studies and testiminies from the children.

More evidence is required to reinforce the educational policy and WASH in school policy. Concentration in the past have been on health findings of WASH in school, now we need more of the social evidence. We need more evidence on school attendance, influence policy makers.

2 points

We have seen improved collaboration with Government and Development partners on WASH in school programming even do the partnership is still at its infancy.

We are gradually implementing the pupil: latrine ratio of 40/50:1. I can tell you that before now you can find 2000 pupil boys/girls sharing thesame compartment of latrine. This even encourage rape but now the situation is changing.

In Nigeria, UNICEF have supported Federal Ministry of Education to develop a WASH in school standard and specification manual. This is now being used by Universal Basic Education Board at the National Level and State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB)

Water & UNICEF throuth the support of DFID in Nigeria has developed WASH in school guideline to be used at the state level. Even though this was done as a pilot in some sttes, it is now being used in the country.

In Yobe State, Nigeria through the support of EU. We are building an alliance with the media for school children to advocate for more support to the WASH in school programme.The State Governor is now interested in integrated school infrastructure, where evey school building will have water supply an latrines for the pupil and teachers.

1 point

There are no enough forum specifically dedicated to WASH in school so that we can learn and share ideas. In my country Nigeria, we have WASH clinic and learning alliances for WASH but not adequate time created for WASH in school discussion.

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