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We are sharing enough of our WASH in schools information

We are sharing enough information on WASH in schools through channels ranging from formal meetings to informal discussion groups and web sites. 

This is the fourth in a series of WASH in Schools debates organised by the WASH in Schools Thematic Group.

The first three debates - We have failed on WASH in SchoolsWASH in Schools has failed in setting standards and monitoring coverage and We don’t need more evidence for WASH in Schools are stiil open.

For more information on WASH in Schools please visit and


We are sharing enough

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We are not sharing enough

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I know this has definetely shared enough here on the site .

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We are all using various means of sharing WASH in school information, ranging from formal meetings to informal google groups and websites. There is more than enough information sharing through the various websites, such as through the following key web links:

There are also numerous WASH in schools publications, concept notes, and literature reviews, etc. that can be found each of these site around WASH in schools. So, I don’t see why, or how it be stated that we are not sharing enough of our WASH in schools information!

Cheers, Marielle Snel (IRC)

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I agree with Maria on the comment. We cant say that we are not sharing enough of our WASH in schools information while as stated above there are several and various websites which we share the information through them. Those sites which are value and through them you can catch worth information related to the WASH in school.

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We can do a lot better. Is there a place that I can go and get examples on technical design manuals on WASH in Schools, ways to incorporate Menstrual Hygiene Management in to WASH in Schools programming, Examples of National Plans of Actions on WASH in schools programming, Difficult to go guide colleagues and practitioners to a place where everyone in the sector is connected the each other, the teachers, headmasters, Academia, NGos , donors, Govts etc to get what they are looking for and to share what they have done good with others… . I know a lot of richness and experience is out there, but I do not think we are a community of practice that is well connected. I guess the announcement on this edebate goes to 1000+ professionals, Let’s see how many comments we will get!

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Enough is very relative and to me enough is not being shared on WASH in schools.

What you share and who you share with is important. I think the target group, those who really need the information are not getting enough information on WASH.

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There are no enough forum specifically dedicated to WASH in school so that we can learn and share ideas. In my country Nigeria, we have WASH clinic and learning alliances for WASH but not adequate time created for WASH in school discussion.

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Many resources on WASH in Schools are available, but getting them into inboxes along with information on news and events is important. A global WASH in Schools eNewsletter (monthly or quarterly, similar to IRC E-Source) could be distributed to governmental and NGO professionals who focus not only on WASH, but also education.

Through a cooperation agreement with UNICEF TACRO, we are developing a newsletter and improving the website designed for those who prefer Spanish.

The current UNICEF-led WASH in Schools global mapping exercise is an excellent example of an initiative designed to bring to light information on the state of WASH in Schools at the country level and/or identify the need to produce that information.

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In my opinion, some WASH in schools topics are well documented (situation assessment, basic component of a WASH in school project, advocacy material, etc.) but some are not (tools for monitoring and evaluating interventions, IEC images and tools specifically adapted to school context, operational strategies that are most effective with regards to IEC activities a school level, etc.). It would be useful to carry out a brief review of what exist on the web and what is missing.

They are many websites on WASH in schools. Too many. Information is fragmented, whereas it should be centralized and easy to access.

Information and websites are also mostly in English. They are therefore not easily accessible to non-native speakers.

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